Hello, I’m Lisa Waugh


I’m glad you made it here today.

Despite the appearance that some people have it all together, life is not easy for anyone. The truth is, anyone who has established long-lasting success in life had to endure some discomfort and fears. The exact same will be true of your story. As you encounter hardships and rigorous trials, you’ll be forced to make do under less-than-ideal circumstances. Are you operating from fear or love?

Fear tells you this is the end. It keeps you constrained within the belief that things are impossible.

What does love do? Love is confident and secure in its ability to derive fresh opportunities out of unexpected events. It allows you to push through obstacles. It’s the key that unlocks the door, showing you that it’s okay to mess up, even when you are pursuing what you love.

Choosing love over fear is an integral part of my day on a moment-to-moment basis – in all areas of my life – finances, relationships, business, self-kindness, etc.

I didn’t always do this. I suffered multiple losses when I was young including the death of a sibling. I was plagued by fear and shame. As I began to heal from those events, I discovered how harshly I treated myself and how that inner critic lead to problems in my marriage and with my children.

I adopted “Love over Fear” as my motto after reading a psychology book where the author stated that there are only two states or modes of being: love and fear.

When I am anxious, nervous, or in any unpleasant state, I can distill or trace that feeling to fear. Fear of what will happen to me or what people will think. Fear that I am about to lose something I am attached to, like acceptance, a material object, love, or an identity.

When I choose love, I am at peace, confident, happy, present, and I want all living things to share my joy. My actions are loving, my experience is love, and I have better connections with others.

These lessons (along with a lot of scientific data) informs my work as a psychotherapist. Our brains possess an incredible power that awakens when we act with love. You can leverage this energy to activate courage and confidence as you journey through all the parts of your life.


Love Over Fear Looks Like:

  • Increasing the strength and volume of the caring voice in your head and learn not to believe the judging shaming voices.

  • Accepting that you too are human, and showing yourself the same love and care you would show a good friend.

  • Speaking your truth and ask for what you need, so you can live freely, fully, and honestly.

  • Appreciating your body (instead of hating it) so you can do what’s right for it.

  • Seeing all people through a lens of compassion and yes, even the ones who treat you poorly.

  • Not letting others determine your worth.

  • Forgiving yourself and others, so you can let the past go and do what you need to do in the present to thrive.

  • Seeing your struggles as opportunities for growth and change.

  • Letting go of the beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that are no longer serving you


My Therapy Approach

My therapy style is to first make sure my you know without a doubt that there is no judgment in the therapy room. No thought, act, belief is too shameful or embarrassing to take seriously and treat with compassion and respect.

From there, we explore beliefs about yourself, where these beliefs came from, and how they are affecting your life. We look at how behaviors and responses that were once useful may no longer serve you. You won’t reject any part of yourself, rather, I’ll help you come to understand, value, and relate with all the parts of yourself.

Things will not always go the way you want them to. You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always be who you want to be. But this is a reality shared by all of us. When this reality is denied or resisted, you suffer. When this reality is accepted, you generate positive emotions of kindness and care that help you cope.

In therapy, I’ll teach you how to choose love over fear. When you do this, your world will become infinitely more safe, loving, and open, so you can do what your heart most desires.


A lot of people think self-compassion is weak, but it’s just the opposite. When you’re in the trenches, do you want an enemy or an ally?
— Kristen Neff, Ph.D

Fun Facts

I have a degree in occupational science and taught at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Portland, Oregon. I have worked as a chef, a paralegal, and in the private investigation field. I have two adult children and two grandchildren who are the apples of my eye. I am a cancer survivor who believes every moment of every day is a precious opportunity to love oneself, which, coincidentally, is the answer to everything. 


Training & Experience

M.A. Psychology, Seattle University, Seattle WA

B.A. Psychology, University of Washington, Tacoma, WA

Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor